Your partner for camelid-derived mAbs and single domain antibodies discovery and development.

  • High throughput development of TCR-mimic sdAbs

    High throughput development of TCR-mimic sdAbs
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  • High throughput development of TCR-mimic sdAbs

    High throughput development of TCR-mimic sdAbsTCRm antibodiesTraditional antibody therapy is limited to targeting cell surface antigens, leaving intracellular proteins, which are the majority of tumor-specific antigens, untouched. To address this i…
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  • Antibody Affinity Maturation

    Computer-based modeling combines with the NBbiolab YSD Platform to result in significant improvements in antigen binding affinity.
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  • Antibody Humanization

    NBbiolab offers customized solutions to generate novel humanized sdAb with guaranteed affinities and functional activities, ensuring high throughput characterization and short turnaround times for our clients.
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  • Antibody Production

    NBbiolab is a highly experienced provider of sdAb production services, offering various expression systems and modifications to generate single domain antibodies suitable for specific purposes.
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  • Conventional lgG1 antibody

    The unique properties of camelid IgG1 antibodies make them an attractive alternative to conventional antibodies.
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Single Domain Antibody Discovery & Development

With over 10 years' extensive experience and advanced technology platforms, NBbiolab devotes to providing the most appropriate solutions for novel single domain antibody discovery and development projects. Our scientists are pleased to tailor the best-fit proposal to achieve the project objective.

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