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Phage display based Naïve VHH Library from Alpaca

Category: Large Naïve VHH library

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The preparation of single domain antibody libraries starting from lymphocytes recovered from immunized members of the Camelidae enables to collect binders that underwent somatic maturation. However, the time and costs necessary to prepare a library for each new antigen may urge to look for alternatives such as those offered by large one-pot libraries. 

Here we constructed six large naïve libraries using PBMCs and spleens from 30 healthy nonimmunized Alpacas.The library consists of 1010 individual transformants with more than 90 % unique sequences and  the positive insert ratio was more than 99.99%. We leverage this established library along with our advanced screening platform to extend the epitope coverage and help clients find the optimal monoclonal antibody candidates Despite the lack of somatic maturation, the selection based on phage display allowed to isolate from such naïve libraries VHHs with affinity in the subnanomolar range and suitable for the standard immunoapplications. 

Cat#LibraryPositive insert ratioLibrary size
AlpSDAb-01PPhage display100%5.3X109
AlpSDAb-02PPhage display100%6.2×109
AlpSDAb-03PPhage display100%2.2X109
AlpSDAb-04PPhage display100%4.0×109
AlpSDAb-05PPhage display100%2.7X109
AlpSDAb-06PPhage display100%4.0×109

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AlpSDAb(P) - 500μL / 询价


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