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Phage Display

Novel phage display-based single domain antibody discovery platform 

Phage display technology is an in vitro screening technique for identifying ligands for proteins and other macromolecules.At the crux of phage display technology is the ability to express peptide or protein sequences as fusions to the coat proteins of a bacteriophage. Libraries of phage-displayed peptides or proteins are thereby physically linked to their encoding nucleic acid, allowing selection of binding partners for myriad target types by iterative rounds of in vitro panning and amplification, followed by DNA sequencing. Libraries of over a billion members can be screened in a matter of days, offering an efficient alternative to more traditional methods of epitope mapping, receptor ligand identification, or protein evolution.

NBbiolab provides nanobody discovery services that are based on phage display technology. We have extensive experience in library construction and screening,humanization,affinity maturation, production of specific nanobodies  and much more services using phage display techniques. 

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1.NBbiolab focuses on the discovery of nanobody, with 3 years of experience in the research and development of 200 + projects; 

2. Based on a large number of NGS dates ,we  optimizes the upstream primers, improves the coverage of nanobody sequences and reduces the biased amplification.

3. Homologous recombination greatly improves  efficiency; 

4. "zero background Vector" can easily and quickly complete the high-quality nanobody library, ensuring the insertion rate to 99.99%; 

5.a large number of candidate clones can be obtained by the combination of NGS sequencing , excluding the clones with disulfide bond between CDR1 / FR2 and CDR3.

Phage Display Services

With extensive experience, NBbiolab phage display technology is a highly robust display system for the discovery and optimization of nanobody, our scientists can assist you in the most comprehensive services and products based on phage display technology, which including:

    Phage Display Library Construction Service

    Phage Display Library Screening Service

If you are interested in learning more about phage display service, please contact us for more details.


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