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NGS & Bioinformatics analysis

The conventional way to obtain the nanobody sequence is through panning after selection clones for verification and Sanger sequencing. This method has a  limitation on the flux and clone analysis depth. High throughput DNA sequencing technology (NGS) provides the possibility for the analysis of the gene sequence of nanobody, especially for the analysis of large capacity and high diversity of nanobody library.Nanobodies are only heavy chains and the fragments are generally about 400 bp. At present, the sequencing of NGS can completely meet the requirements. Nbbiolab uses Illumina miseq platform for sequencing, and the sequencing length is 2 × 300 BP for analysis. The raw data obtained from sequencing (raw reads) are quality controlled, data spliced, low-quality and short length fragments are filtered out to obtain clean reads. Igblast and IMGT are used for variable VDJ annotation of antibody, The abundance of nanobody was counted and ranked from high to low. Finally, the sequence was selected for gene synthesis, and the function was verified by experiments。

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